Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

The trip was great! We both enjoyed the experience of the trek (even though I got sick). The chance to meet the locals and see their way of life was special. We meet a bunch of school children on the trek. It was fun trying to communicate. We loved their joy and excitement.

Thanks for the Pisca but it was unnecessary. The mixup was our fault not the transfer person. Also the hotel upgrade was well received! What a beautiful hotel and view.

We have nothing but great words about you and your service. Everything was great. The guides were all very knowledgeable and Walther was wonderful to be with and a great guide. The cook (whose name I don’t know, was as Peg said, a “chef”.

All said it was a great experience and that’s what we hoped for. We’ll be sure to recommend your company to our friends in the states. We’ll keep in touch as we plan our next adventure.

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Dear Daniela,

We have only good things to say about the whole Peru experience. The country is absolutely amazing and the sites we visited were unique, beautiful and often captivating because of their history and mystery surrounding them.

Everywhere we went we were promptly met by the guides who always arrived on time. We were driven in clean and well maintained cars or vans. The guides were knowledgeable about their subjects and always had interesting information to tell us about the places we were visiting. All in all, unforgettable experience.

I am attaching a picture that we took at Machu Picchu of Alla and llama.

Thank you and best regards

citadel of machu picchu

Hi Daniela,

We have great memories of Peru and had a fabulous trip there. I cannot think of anything to change regarding Trip Peru.

Even though Machupicchu was the highlight of the trip, we were really impressed with the Uros Islands. They are such a unique place to visit. We also really like Chivay to the point that Pam is thinking that she would like to live there for a couple of months as one of them, helping in the fields and all. There was so much that we saw and experience overall, that I don’t see why people go to Peru to only see Machupicchu.


ship sailing on the lake titicaca in puno peru

It was an amazing trip in Peru and your company made it so.

Everything went so smoothly.

Your people were always there to meet us at every location and they did not leave us until we were safely ensconced in the next place. We were very well taken care of and we appreciate all of your work and Evelyn`s work before you.

Thank you for being so careful and so caring. We will be singing your praises to all who will listen.

stone building in machu picchu

Dear Daniela,

I meant to write sooner. We had an amazing trip in Peru. We were so impressed with how everything was arranged for us.
Machu Picchu was amazing but you set us up for physically challenging days!
We had great fun and we will recommend your services to everyone. 

Larry, Sue, Robby and Samantha

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Hi Daniela!

I really appreciate all the work and everything that you and the people from Trip Peru. I always felt safe, always knew what was coming next on my trip, and learned so much about the rich history and culture of Peru as well! I would say that the trip exceeded all expectations and I would recommend this to all my family and friends. The guides were fantastic as well!